Timber frame floor plans, roof trusses

In the 25 years that Hamill Creek Timber Homes has been designing and building timber frame homes, a number of timber frame home plans have proven themselves to be a popular choice for a large number of people wishing to build a timber frame home.  These timber frame house plans have also shown themselves to be a suited to a range of different site conditions.  These home plans were developed from highly successful custom home designs, and encompass the most sought after design and structural elements in their perspective size range. These home designs have been chosen by our clients over and over again for:

  • efficiency of floor plan design
  • structural integrity
  • the inclusion of most desired amenities and areas
  • architectural interest
  • enduring style
  • joy of homeownership

Hamill Creek Timber Frame Home Plans

We have divided our Hamill Creek timber frame house plans into three size ranges for simplicity in seeking out the timber frame home plan that is right for you. The size ranges are:

Timber Frame Home Designs

Within our timber frame plans you may find the perfect home design you have been searching for: these predesigned home plans can save considerably on the cost of a custom home design. These home plans can also act as a starting point for your new home, and from there can be modified by other designers to become the exact fit for you and your home site. If you desire a custom timber home design, these home plans can inspire you with ideas to develop a timber frame home design that suits you exactly. If you already have a home plan developed for you by an Architect or Design company, Hamill Creek Timber Homes can design and craft the timber frame components for the home. Most home plans and home designs can be adapted into a full or hybrid timber frame home. If you wish to discuss any of our timber frame floor plans with us, or talk through ideas for a custom timber frame home design, please contact us.

Creating Your Dream Home

The right house will feel like home, and it will be specific to you. You might prefer a design that is small or large, compact or sprawling. You might want a multi-wing mansion or a cozy cabin, or something in between. Whatever your needs and dreams are, we can match them. We’ve built hundreds of homes in many sizes and architectural styles, working closely with each individual customer to create their dream home. Look at some of the timber frame home plans we’ve put together to get inspiration, or just contact us with your ideas. If you like the look and feel of the homes we’ve created, get in touch with us and we’ll get started building your dream home.