Traditional timber frame structure construction is a practical, environmentally sensitive building technique; it also has superior insulation properties, giving our clients a beautiful, energy efficient home. While timber framing can be used for a variety of structures, from small cabins to massive resorts, the most popular type of building we specialize in are timber frame homes.

Timber frame house, interior view

Our timber frame structures are more than just beautiful places to live – they offer a link to the past. The centuries-old craft of timber framing combines beauty and craftsmanship with today’s expectations of comfort. Our timber houses are joined together using traditional wood joinery and oak pegs; this creates a beautifully crafted, fully visible, self-supporting  wood framework. For more information about the history of timber frame houses, click here.

What Makes Our Timber Frame Structures Special

The interiors of our timber houses are always unique. Whether you choose a light-filled, open, airy interior or a cosier atmosphere, your timber house will be a personalized work of art.

We can custom design timber frame structures in many different styles, creating anything from architecturally prominent and highly polished homes to subtle, rough-textured or rustic getaways. Timber frame houses are flexible, and the exterior can be finished with a variety of materials, giving you the freedom to express your personality.

Quality Engineering for Your Timber Frame House

Our years of experience and passion go into crafting the timber frame structures we create. We have a team of experts to fulfill every part of the process; from the designing, milling and crafting, right up to the raising. All of the timbers that go into Hamill Creek timber homes are manufactured at our in-house sawmill, where logs are sorted, dried and milled. From there, our experienced Timberwrights carefully select each individual timber by hand and craft them into the timber house using the finest mix of old world techniques and modern technologies. The species of wood used affects the look and feel of a timber frame house.

Timber frame great room

Traditionally our frames are crafted from Douglas fir; however, we offer a wide range of species, such as larch, spruce and western red cedar, in a variety of finishes, to suit all budgets, tastes, and locations.

Let Us Help You Build Your New Timber Frame House

Before you invest in your dream home, explore the possibilities of a Hamill Creek timber frame house. Located in beautiful British Columbia, where much of the timber is sourced, Hamill Creek will see your project through from start to finish. With over 25 years of experience in providing personal service and exceptional quality, Dwight Smith and his master artisans will work closely with you to bring your dream of a timber house to a reality. Give us a call at 250.366.4320 or email us at [email protected] to take the next step.